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We help create direct, transparent & impactful PR campaigns.

Who We Are

The Story Behind Avelon PR

Our company is young, yet the experience of its founders spans over 25 years. Avelon PR was founded in 2019 by a group of ambitious PR experts, marketers, and entrepreneurs who wanted to make PR more accessible and direct.

We achieve this by eliminating the countless layers of intermediaries, who are often the cause of expensive yet ineffective campaigns. With Avelon, the customers are able to choose exactly what they want, know the precise cost, and have the work completed by our in-house experts according to a set schedule.

Our Advantage

We Never Outsource What We Offer

We work directly with our contacts in the media and never outsource any work to middlemen, which increases efficiency and minimizes PR costs.

Our Goal

To Make PR More Accessible

Our key goal is to eliminate the ‘blind’ PR where the client has no idea what coverage they are getting and to make it more direct and transparent.

“If I had two dollars left,
I'd spend one on PR.”

— Bill Gates

Our Office

We work hard to maximize the output of your campaigns.

Control Over Your Campaigns

Unlike traditional PR agencies that pitch to a multitude of media contacts and acquire coverage at random, Avelon allows you to target specific publications.

Improved Delivery Speed

Thanks to our established network of media contacts and direct access to various publications, we are able to acquire placements quicker than most.

Lower PR Costs

By working directly with editors, contributors and publishers on a wide range of media outlets, we are able to significantly lower your PR costs.

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“Advertising is saying you are good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”
— Jean-Louis Gassée

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We’re a team of PR experts who are excited about unique ideas and aim to help small, medium and enterprise clients to create impactful campaigns.